Robotics company speak out against weaponized robots – Meaningful Human Control

In an open letter, six robotics companies turned to the robotics industry and society at large to speak out against weaponizing robots. The robotics companies „Boston Dynamics“, „Anybotics“, „Agility Robotics“, „Clearpath Robotics“, „Open Robotics“ and „Unitree“ pledged not to weaponize their robots nor to utilize their own developed systems for such purposes. They will also not support others to do so. The companies are of the opinion that the use of weaponized robots raises new risks and serious ethical questions that could harm public trust in the technology. This is why the signatories of the open letter call on policy makers to promote safe use of robots and to prohibit their misuse. They further call on organisations, developers, researchers and users to make similar pledges and neither build attached weapons on robots nor to allow, support or enable their attachment.

Link to the open letter:
as well as the statement of StopKillerRobots: